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From breakfast toasts with avocado and chorizo, to sundaes with ultra-premium, local ice cream and brownies made in-house, we’ve got what you crave!



We feature coffee from some of the best roasters around, a collection of excellent teas, hand-crafted cocktails and specialty craft beers!



You’ve got your food and drink. It’s time to grab a game from our library of more than 750 titles, and relax with your friends.

Got your attention?

Dig a bit deeper to see what makes us tick. Let us share why we’re passionate about what we do.

  • Bean Thinkin’ About Specialty Coffee!

    This is supposed to be an excerpt from the blog post. Well guess what? They let me type just about anything I want in here. It doesn't even have to be related to the post's topic. This one's about coffee.... and yeah, coffee's pretty good. If you want to know about coffee stuff, you should probably just click on the enticing image over there. Your browser will take you to a lovely piece on the importance of good coffee. mmmmm... good coffee. It's better than so, so coffee. By a LOT it turns out. Bet you wish you knew why.

  • Gotta Craft ’em All!

    Craft beer provides one of my favorite analogies for why I find The Board & Brew to be so special. Once upon a time, beer wasn’t a very special drink. I think Don Draper

  • I Scream “Ultra Premium!”

    What is the key to a great milkshake? The answer is simple; amazing ice cream!  Every Board and Brew milkshake is made with locally-sourced, small-batch, ultra-premium ice cream, brought to you by Moorenko’s ice


We craft the majority of our offerings in-house, and leverage the talents of local artisans for specialty products like fresh breads, ultra premium ice cream and baked goods.


From single-origin coffees to signature cocktails, spiked milkshakes to craft sodas and beers, delicate teas to full-bodied wines, we’ve got what you need.


Our game library caters to all.  Whether you’re in for light hearted laughs, brutal competition, old favorites or the latest games, you can find it on our shelves.